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Mathieu Javaux, Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH




R-SWMS (Javaux et al., 2008) is a numerical model for simulating solute transport and water flow within the soil - plant system. Based on flow and transport equations in the 3D soil matrix and within the 3D root xylem network, it simulates the uptake of solute and water by plant roots for a growing root system. Three-dimensional root growth is a function of environmental conditions (soil resistance, nutrient concentration, temperature) and plant parameters (gravitropism, sensitivity to soil resistance, etc.). The program is based on a model of Clausnitzer and Hopmans (1994), and thus contains similar water flow and solute transport routines as SWMS 3D (1995). Since then, it has been modified and developed further through contributions of several PhD and master theses.

List of current and past contributors: Tom Schroeder, Valentin Couvreur, Natalie Schroeder, Katrin Huber, Jan Vanderborght, Mathieu Javaux, Betiglu Abesha, David Garre.


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Scientific articles

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Book chapters

Lobet, G., Ch. Hachez, M. Javaux, and X. Draye. 2013. Root water uptake and water flow in the soil-root domain. In: Eshel, A. and Beeckman, T.eds, Plant Roots: The Hidden Half (Fourth Edition) CRC Press Inc.

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Technical information

Operating system: Linux

Programming Language: Fortran 77-2003

Licence: freeware

Output: root system architecture, soil water content, soil and root water pressure head distributions, soil and plant solute concentrations

Export formats: Text files, vtk files

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