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Vanclooster M., P. Viaene, K. Christiaens and S. Ducheyne



The WAVE model (Water and Agrochemicals in the soil, crop and Vadose Environment) describes the transport and transformations of matter and energy in the soil, crop and vadose environment. The WAVE model has been developed at the Institute for Land and Water Management of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). It's a deterministic, numerical and integrated model that simulates the behavior of water, heat and agrochemicals in the vertical direction. The WAVE model is an integration of earlier models such as SWATRER (water module), SOILN (nitrogen module), LEACHN (heat and solute modules) and SUCROS (crop growth module).



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Technical information

Operating system(s):  MS-DOS / MATLAB

Licence: Open source

Output(s): soil water balance, soil heat balance, soil nitrogen balance, soil crop growth

Export format(s): ASCII, Matlab *.mat file

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