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Michael Herbst, Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH



AgroC is a numerical model for simulating the 1-dimensional flux of soil heat, soil water and carbon in agricultural systems. The SoilCO2/RothC model (Herbst et al., 2008; Simunek et al., 1993) was extended with the dynamic plant growth module SUCROS (Spitters et al., 1988). The combination of the aforementioned subroutines allows for a closed carbon balance of cropped ecosystems at an hourly or daily time step. The model explicitly accounts for soil carbon turnover, soil CO2 flux, plant water stress and organ-specific carbon allocation. A quite unique feature of this model is the consideration of root exudation and root death and the effect of both processes on soil respiration. Standard input parameters exist for cereals, sugar beet, maize, potato and grassland.


Scientific articles

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Technical information

Operating system(s): Windows, MacOS, Linux (Fortran compiler required)

Licence: freely available

Output(s): soil water content, soil temperature, soil organic carbon pools, net ecosystem exchange, gross primary productivity, total ecosystem respiration, soil heterotrophic CO2 production, root respiration, crop yield

Export format(s): ASCII output files



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