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ISMC - The International Soil Modeling Consortium

ISMC - linking soil modeling experts

The International Soil Modeling Consortium aims to integrate and advance soil systems modeling, data gathering,and observational capabilities, through:

  • bringing together leading experts in modelling soil processes within all major soil disciplines
  • addressing  major scientific gaps in describing key processes and their long term impacts with respect to the different functions and ecosystem services provided by soil;
  • promoting integration of soil modelling expertise in neighboring disciplines (climate, land surface, eco, hydro, and other models)
  • performing soil model intercomparison studies at local to global scales
  • consolidating soil and other data platforms for modeling purposes
  • integrating societal and environmental considerations into soil and ecosystem functioning

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Report of Findings



2nd ISMC conference
5-7 November 2018

New perspectives
on soil models


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Deadlines, upcoming relevant meetings, conferences, workshops


Feb 3-5, 2020 Second International Crop Modelling Symposium (iCROPM2020)

May 3-8 2020 EGU 2020

May 19-22 2020 International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems Dublin, Ireland

May 19-21 2020 CSDMS 2020 - Linking Ecosphere and Geosphere in Boulder, CO

Aug 24-28 2020 EuroSoil 2020

Sep 10-14 2020 SSSA Kirkham Conference (by invitation only)

Sep 24-27 2020 3rd ISMC Conference, Tianjin, China


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