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ISMC - The International Soil Modeling Consortium

ISMC - linking soil modeling experts

The International Soil Modeling Consortium aims to integrate and advance soil systems modeling, data gathering,and observational capabilities, through:

  • bringing together leading experts in modelling soil processes within all major soil disciplines
  • addressing  major scientific gaps in describing key processes and their long term impacts with respect to the different functions and ecosystem services provided by soil;
  • promoting integration of soil modelling expertise in neighboring disciplines (climate, land surface, eco, hydro, and other models)
  • performing soil model intercomparison studies at local to global scales
  • consolidating soil and other data platforms for modeling purposes
  • integrating societal and environmental considerations into soil and ecosystem functioning

ISMC respects, values, and welcomes all people and their differences, and we are committed to action that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion in all activities.
We trust ISMC members and visitors to ISMC activities to show that same respect.

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Save the Date

The 4th International ISMC Conference will take place on 07-10 May 2024 in Tianjjin (China)





  • The need for a soil digital twin and how it can look like (Sander Huisman)
  • The soil in Land Surface Models: Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Directions (Yongjiu Dai)
  • Priority of soil research and soil management in China in the future decade (Gan-Lin Zhang)
  • EU Priorities in soil research within the Green Deal (Panos Panagos)
  • Soil and Water conservation through conservation agriculture (Ranjan Bhattacharyya)


                                                   Further keynotes will be announced

Conference program


Session 1: Application of Machine Learning and Non-Linear Methods for Spatial Data Analysis

Session 2:  How to include root hydraulic architecture in soil models to simulate root water uptake

Session 3: Toward characterising and modelling the temporal variability of effective soil properties

Session 4: On representing memory effects, hysteresis and feedbacks in the Critical Zone”

Session 5: Constraining soil hydrologic processes using in-situ and remote sensing observations

Session 6: Saturation kinetics in soils: stochiometric limits, mineral-organic interactions, and microbial explicit models

Session 7: Modelling soil processes in land surface modelling

Session 8: Data fusion for characterization of soil states and heterogeneity

Session 9: General Session of any model related research

World Café: "Transformative Soil Modeling through Inclusive Collaboration and Disseminated Education"

Excursion: There will be excursion offered afetr the conference (details will follow soon)


Detailed session description can be found here or on the conference homepage.

Abtract submission and registration is now open.

Report of Findings



2nd ISMC conference
5-7 November 2018

New perspectives
on soil models


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