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ISMC - The International Soil Modeling Consortium

ISMC - linking soil modeling experts

The International Soil Modeling Consortium aims to integrate and advance soil systems modeling, data gathering,and observational capabilities, through:

  • bringing together leading experts in modelling soil processes within all major soil disciplines
  • addressing  major scientific gaps in describing key processes and their long term impacts with respect to the different functions and ecosystem services provided by soil;
  • promoting integration of soil modelling expertise in neighboring disciplines (climate, land surface, eco, hydro, and other models)
  • performing soil model intercomparison studies at local to global scales
  • consolidating soil and other data platforms for modeling purposes
  • integrating societal and environmental considerations into soil and ecosystem functioning

ISMC respects, values, and welcomes all people and their differences, and we are committed to action that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion in all activities.
We trust ISMC members and visitors to ISMC activities to show that same respect.

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Save the Date

The EGU 8th Galileo Conference will take place on 12-15 June 2023 in Naples (Italy)

Scope and topics

In the next decades, expected changes in the water cycle will be a major driver in shaping our environment and its ecosystems. Water is the key factor for life and for sustaining food, feed and biomass for energy production in today’s bio-based economies. The water cycle will be strongly affected by climate change but the extent and impact on ecosystems functioning and services are only roughly known. Increasing hydrological extremes, such as floods and droughts, may lead to severe ecological, economic and societal impacts. In a recent review, Vereecken et al. (2015) urged the hydrological science community to establish a network of hydrological observatories in Europe. At present, there is no concerted and dedicated action in the field of hydrology neither in Europe nor world-wide with respect to making hydrological data accessible to the research community and in designing cross-catchment experiments.

Whereas this Galileo conference is therefore centred on the following main themes:

  • Soil moisture dynamics across scales;
  • Data assimilation and hydrological observations;
  • UAS- and satellite-based remote sensing for hydrological observatories;
  • Geophysics and isotopes in catchment hydrology;
  • Big data science in hydrological research.


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2nd ISMC conference
5-7 November 2018

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