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Mathematics of Soil Processes

There will be a new working group launched soon on

Mathematics of Soil Processes


We are pleased to announce a new ISMC working group ( and invite interested participants to register below.

The working group aims to develop a manuscript on the current state of soil modeling with a specific focus on Earth's water, carbon, nutrient and energy cycles. In this manuscript we will focus on identifying core processes (for example: root-soil interactions, mass/energy flow, carbon dynamics, and nutrient dynamics), mathematical representations of these processes, highlight current example models, and key trade-off/considerations for future development.

To do this we will:

  • Meet every other week virtually on zoom to work on this manuscript (June 2022 - onward)
  • Develop a catalog or classification ontology for soil models based on their process representation and space-time scales.
  • Consider convening a workshop in 2023 to present catalog/classification development and seed discuss future development.
  • Submit a manuscript within June 2024

This group will be co-chaired by  Kathe Todd-Brown <>, Martine van der  Ploeg <> and Yijian Zeng <>



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