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Soil Model development and intercomparison panel (Soil-MIP)

Mission statement Soil-MIP

Mission statement of soil model development and model intercomparison panel (Soil-MIP)

The mission of the SoilMIP panel is to promote the development of soil models to predict soil biogeochemistry and vadose hydrology and their changes due to soil use, land management,climate change, and pollution. The panel is particularly interested in model intercomparison studies that benchmark, identify driving model differences, and further the development of integrated models across previously soiled domains. 


Soil functions are highly integrated and interdependent but frequently studied in isolation. For example, soil carbon and soil moisture are tightly related but often not co-developed in a given model. The goal of the SoilMIP panel is to promote soil model development by providing a platform to connect researchers working with model intercomparison studies via newsletters, webinars, conference sessions, and collaborative tool development.

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