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Soil Model development and intercomparison panel (Soil-MIP)

Mission statement Soil-MIP

Mission statement of soil model development and model intercomparison panel (Soil-MIP)

The mission of the model development and model intercomparison panel is to foster the further development of soil models that can predict soil functions and their changes

  • due to soil use and land management and
  • due to external impacts of climate change and pollution.


Since soil functions and soil threats are diverse but linked with each other, the overall aim is to develop holistic models that represent the key functions of the soil system and the links between them. Furthermore, soil system models should be integrated in terrestrial system models that describe the feedbacks between processes in the soil and the other terrestrial compartments. The goal of the SoilMIP is to create model intercomparisons  that focus on soil services but which have a similar overall objective as other model intercomparison studies like CMIP, AgMIP, GeoMIP… .


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