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If you would like to contribute information about your model, please start a new conversation here and upload the filled-out model template file (see MODELS tab) and an icon of your model. This will then be added to the list of models in the MODELS tab by one of our administrators.
Conversation Replies Most recent comment
MOHID by Tiago Ramos 2 by Roland Baatz December 03. 2019
VISIT model by Akihiko Ito 1 by Roland Baatz December 04. 2018
leachm modeling by m.h.abdelaziz No replies yet by m.h.abdelaziz September 12. 2018
OpenSimRoot by Christian Kuppe 1 by Roland Baatz June 12. 2018
CRITERIA by Gabriele Antolini 7 by Marco Bittelli July 11. 2017
SWINGO: Shallow Water table INfiltration alGOrithm by Rafael Muñoz-Carpena No replies yet by Rafael Muñoz-Carpena July 08. 2017
ORCHIDEE (Organising Carbon and Hydrology In Dynamic EcosystEms) by GUENET Bertrand No replies yet by GUENET Bertrand May 10. 2017
BASFOR: the BASic FORest model by Marcel van Oijen No replies yet by Marcel van Oijen February 07. 2017
Freeware C Code for Criteria3D uploaded on GitHub by Marco Bittelli No replies yet by Marco Bittelli February 06. 2017
ANSWER Application by Alon Ben-Gal 3 by Andrea Schnepf November 20. 2016
STEMMUS – Simultaneous Transfer of Energy, Mass and Momentum in the Unsaturated Soil by yijian zeng No replies yet by yijian zeng May 13. 2016
ECOSSE model by Marta Dondini 1 by Andrea Schnepf May 12. 2016
SPOTPY by Tobias Houska 1 by Andrea Schnepf January 21. 2016
EPIC by Jaehak Jeong 2 by Jaehak Jeong December 14. 2015
APEX model by Jaehak Jeong No replies yet by Jaehak Jeong December 14. 2015
MONICA by Claas Nendel 1 by Andrea Schnepf December 08. 2015
candy model description by Uwe Franko 1 by Andrea Schnepf December 08. 2015
CNMM: Catchment Nutrient Management Model by Yong Li 2 by Andrea Schnepf December 08. 2015
Saltirsoil_M by Fernando Visconti No replies yet by Fernando Visconti April 19. 2015
Daisy by Kiril Manevski 1 by Andrea Schnepf March 31. 2015
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