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Pedotransfer functions after soil treatment

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Pedotransfer Function

Posted by Roland Baatz at August 15. 2019

I post this on behalf of Gary Feng;

"Our research team has been conducting field research on all types of poultry litter application on different soils, cropping systems under various weather conditions for a number of years. We also applied industry byproducts, such as biochar, lime, FGD, etc.

We are curious whether or not those existing PTFs are applicable to those soils with various levels of organic carbon, or with different organic addition …

  1. Do you think we could directly use those PTFs?
  2. Is it necessary to evaluate those PTFs for manured or biochar or other byproducts amended soils?
  3. Should we develop PTFs for those soils?

            If so, should we follow the same protocol of normal soils for those soils with different types of organic addition?

  1. Are you aware of such on-going projects somewhere or who would be interested in taking such effort?

Any comments and suggestions would be welcome.




Please reply to Gary directly; Feng, Gary - ARS <>





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