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The BonaRes Data Portal

Specialized repository for soil and soil related research data
Year of publication: 2019
The BonaRes Data Portal



The BonaRes Data Centre: Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)



A specialized repository for soil and soil related research data. Metadata are free for discovery while data are provided under the creative commons license. Respecting the right of first use some research data are subjected to a limited embargo.

Description Data set

The BonaRes Data Centre is a central warehouse for soil and soil related research data. Special attention is drawn to long-term field experiments in Germany which contribute significantly to the analysis of long term soil changes. It offers the following support:

  • Saving and archiving research data
  • Publishing of reserach data
  • Usage of research data

The BonaRes Data Portal offers the possibility to search for local, temporal and addressed criteria within the data base of the BonaRes Data Centre and external sources via harvesting. To structure the data base, the thesaurus AGROVOC is being used. AGROVOC is a multilingual, controlled vocabulary of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and can be used for a structured search.

DOI: The BonaRes Data Guideline The BonaRes Metadata Schema Overview of relevant standards for the BonaRes Program

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