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Workshop on benchmarking models of root system architecture

Summary of 1 day workshop on 17th May 2018, Jülich, on benchmarking models of root system architecture, root water uptake, and nutrient uptake.

Three–dimensional models of root growth, architecture and function are currently evolving as they are becoming important tools that aid in the design of agricultural management schemes and in the selection of root traits for improving plant performance in specific environments.

This workshop aimed at designing pipelines for model comparisons. Benchmarking will be performed with the help of Jupyter Notebooks. Provision of results of the individual scenaries will be provided at a github repository. Key deliverables of the workshop were:

  • procedure to compare basic processes implemented in soil-root models
  • ways to valorse the model comparison
  • define follow-up tasks


Leads for joint papers on sub-topics were defined, preparation is initiated.

Group picture:



Benjamin Delory    Universität Lüneburg, Germany           
Eckart Priesack    Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Germany                
Andrea Schnepf    FZJ, IBG-3, Germany                
Johannes Postma    FZJ, IBG-2, Germany                
Chris Black    Penn State University, USA           
Guillaume Lobet    FZJ, IBG-3, Germany                
Daniel Leitner    Simwerk, Linz, Austria
Axelle Koch    Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium  
Claude Doussan    INRA Avignon, France           
Valentin Couveur    Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium    
Timo Koch    Universität Stuttgart, Germany                
Jan Vanderborght    FZJ, IBG-3, Germany                
Lukas Petrich    Universität Ulm, Germany                
Matthias Weber    Universität Ulm, Germany                
Trung Hieu Mai    FZJ, IBG-3, Germany                
Mathieu Javaux    FZJ, IBG-3 , Germany             

Lianhai Wu      Rothamsted Research, UK (online participation)
Harry Vereecken    FZJ, IBG-3           
Roland Baatz    FZJ, IBG-3         

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