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AGU and Science Panel Chairs

Report on pre-AGU meeting and new science panel chairs

The 4th pre-AGU ISMC meeting brought together young and senior soil scientists from across the globe. We celebrated the event with presentations and discussions in the morning and a World Café afternoon, made lasting new contacts, reviving existing ones.

During the morning, the results of the science panel elections were discussed and approved. We welcome the new Science Panel Chairs and Early Career Representatives!


SOIL-MIP: Kathe Todd-Brown, Jan Vanderborght and Morteza Sadeghi

DO-LINK: Umakant Mishra, Anne Verhoef and Gautam Sagar

CROSS-CONNECT: Dani Or, Martine van der Ploeg and Yijian Zeng


The Science Panel Chairs will replace the existing ones in the Executive Board and will form the Executive Board for the next triennial. The road ahead leads to new adventures and endeavors. The community is indepted to those who pushed forward the launch of ISMC as a lasting community organization and give way to those who step in. ISMC will continue to produce valuable scientific contributions only through the member's activity.

In this light, this years pre-AGU workshop was again a success.

Group picture with (from left to right) Bin Wang, Umakant Mishra, Morteza Sadeghi, Hugo Berbery, Dani Or, Harry Vereecken, Wei Zhongwang, Yijian Zeng, Nancy Cavallaro, Michael Young, Ellen Maas, Kathe Todd-Brown, Elad Levintal, Teamrat Ghezzehei, Madhumita Sahoo, Salini Sasidharan, Omar Muller, Zhen Li, Bo Gao

The ISMC Honorary Award was bestowed on Michael Young by the two ISMC Chairs on behalf of the ISMC Executive Board for his Leadership in Soil Modeling.

Award and lunch break was followed up by the soil modeling workshop.

Lively discussions on the role for soil models were ignited based on the manuscript structure jointly established before the workshop.

All attendants gave food for thought.

Coming up with new ideas based on own experience broadened the picture.

Summary discussions and wrap up brought the picture back together.

After an intense day, and still too early, time for networking, and again well deserved coffee and snacks!


We look forward for next years events!





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