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New Global Soil Laboratory Network GLOSOLAN runs a survey to collect information on soil laboratories

The newly launched Global Soil Laboratory Network GLOSOLAN under the FAO Global Soil Partnership builds information on soil laboratories globally.

In order for the GLOSOLAN to be launched, information on soil laboratories globally is needed. In this regard an online survey was developed by the GLOSOLAN working group to identify laboratories’ needs and to help define the roadmap for the GLOSOLAN (specific objectives and activities). This is the first of a series of surveys launched by the GLOSOLAN to collect information on soil laboratories and keep the work of the network centered on a bottom-up approach.


Please visit  to access the survey.


Please fill one complete survey for each soil laboratory. This is the first exploratory questionnaire. The online survey will be open until 30 March 2018.


It would be very much appreciated if you could spread the voice on the survey and motivate other labs to join the network.

For your information, GSP is also establishing the Regional Soil Laboratory Networks (RESOLANs) and planning their first meeting. In this regard, the first meeting of RESOLAN for Asia (SEALNET) took place on from 20 to 24 November 2017 in Bogor, Indonesia, and the first meeting of RESOLAN for Latin America and the Caribbean (LATSOLAN) will take place from 1 to 3 March 2018 in Texcoco, Mexico.

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