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ISMC News Dec 8

Extra Newsletter

The registration for the 4th ISMC Conference “Advances in Modeling Soil Systems” from May 7-10, 2024 at Tianjin, China is now open. Information and registration can be found here.


                        The conference is organized in 9 Sessions and a World Café.


Session 1:     Modelling soil processes in land surface modeling

Session 2:     On representing memory effects, hysteresis, and feedback in the Critical
Session 3:     Toward characterizing and modeling the temporal variability of effective   
                      soil properties
Session 4:     How to include root hydraulic architecture in soil models to simulate root
                      water uptake
Session 5:    Saturation kinetics in soils: stochiometric limits, mineral-organic
                       interactions, and microbial explicit models
Session 6:     Constraining soil hydrologic processes using in-situ and remote sensing 
Session 7:    Data fusion for characterization of soil states and heterogeneity

Session 8   : Application of Machine Learning and Non-Linear Methods for Spatial Data
Session 9:    General Session of any model-related research

World Café: Transformative Soil Modeling through Inclusive Collaboration and
                     Disseminated Education

 A one day excursion to local worth seeing places is also planned and details can be found here.

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