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ISMC News 10th Mar. 2021

ISMC Award Winners 2021; ISMC Conference - Abstract deadline approaching


ISMC Award Winners 2021

Rien van Genuchten Award

The biennial Rien van Genuchten Award is issued for outstanding contributions to the understanding of flow and transport processes in soils. It is dedicated to recognizing outstanding scientific achievements made by well-established researchers in the field of soil and vadose zone sciences.

The ISMC Executive Board thanks the four anonymous reviewers for carrying out the review process on this year's nominations.


This year’s Rien van Genuchten Award goes to:
Dr. Tiina Roose, University of Southampton

The award was made on the basis of Dr. Roose’s significant contributions to advancing understanding of plant-soil interactions by combining theory, computational modeling, and experimentation.  In particular, her work on plant-soil systems extends from fundamental theory to practical application, and on the basis of her scientific contributions being broad and innovative. The broad application here is the extension of her work to the field of biophysics, modeling such phenomenon as the growth of tumors. The innovative technique being applying her mathematical skills and insights to advance a fundamental understanding of the plant-soil-microbiome continuum.


ISMC Early Career Award

The ISMC Early Career Award recognizes outstanding scientific achievements made by early career researchers in the field of soil and vadose zone sciences.

This year’s ISMC Early Career Award goes to two candidates who were reviewed with equal score: Morteza Sadeghi and Ryan Stewart


Dr. Morteza Sadeghi, California Environmental Protection Agency

The award was made on the basis of Dr. Sadeghi’s work focused on bridging the gap between the traditional soil physics and terrestrial remote sensing. His work has been particularly interdisciplinary and bridging across scales to better capture and understand hydro-terrestrial processes. This is exactly what is needed from the next generation hydro-terrestrial scientists to advance the field.


Dr. Ryan Stewart, Virginia Tech

The award was made on the basis of Dr. Stewart’s work in the area of environmental quality and “soil health” with emphasis on water, solute and gas transport in soils. In particular, Dr. Stewart has helped the concept of soil health and made it “a quantitative sub-discipline of soil science”. This is significant as it requires a holistic systems perspective in which the complexities of physical, chemical, biological, ecological processes have to be treated as a whole, and therefore, establish Ryan as a leader in this important sub-field.



3rd ISMC Conference - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems May 18-22, 2021

Abstract deadline: 15th March 2021
The conference programme addresses recent research in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum centered around soils over all spatial scales, time scales, and elements - from processes to prediction.
Programme and abstract submission:

Conference goals:

  •     Engagement during scientific sessions
  •     Active interaction and discussions
  •     Excellent oral talks and poster presentations


Scientific Sessions:

  1.     Integration of Soil Processes in Global Land Surface/Earth System Models
  2.     Modelling soil formation as a function of critical zone processes
  3.     Modelling at the interface of soil and plant
  4.     Model soil contamination and transport of pollutants
  5.     Scaling soil biogeochemical models
  6.     Modeling surface runoff and soil erosion at various scales: data, process, and mathematical representation
  7.     Landscape heterogeneity: pragmatic modelling, methodology standards, harmonized measurements – and related challenges
  8.     Modelling and evaluation of soil functions at all scales
  9.     Modelling biogeochemical fluxes and soil organic carbon dynamics in soil systems
  10.     Advances in soil modeling through data analytics, machine learning and prediction



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