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Invitation for ISMC Working Groups

Soil thermal properties + Pedotransfer functions and land surface parameterization



Thanks to the working group leads, two new working groups have been established linked to the ISMC Science Panels. You are invited to contact the leads and members of the working groups for being contacted for future activities.

These may include:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Conference sessions
  • Joint collaborative initiatives resulting in papers or project

Specific proposals by You regarding the above and further aims are welcome


WG Soil Thermal Properties

Towards improved descriptions of thermal soil properties, and related global parameter sets, for land surface models

A Do-link ISMC working group project

ISMC Leads:

Anne Verhoef (University of Reading, United Kingdom,

Yijian Zeng (University of Twente, Netherlands,


Hailong He (Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China,

Nan Wei (Sun Yat‐sen University, Guangzhou, China,

Yongjiu Dai  (Sun Yat‐sen University, Guangzhou, China,

Brief background:

Hydraulic functions and their pedotransfer functions (PTFs) are used extensively to determine hydraulic parameters for hydrological and land surface models (LSMs). However, thermal properties, their functional descriptions, and their PTFs, are relatively little researched, yet these properties, through the effect they have on the soil thermal regime, also play an important role in the land surface energy-, water- and carbon balance.

This WG serves to support development and verification of models simulating thermal properties, by both existing and novel approaches.


Based on the above premises, the overarching aims of this ISMC working group project are

  1. To collate and generate global datasets of measured thermal property data (laboratory and field), conditions during the experiments ...
  2. ...

Further details at the Working Group website


WG Pedotransfer functions and land surface parameterization

Lead: Lutz Weihermüller (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute Agrosphere IBG-3

Co-lead: Yonggen Zhang (Tianjin University, Institute of Surface-Earth System Science,

Tentative list of Participants:

Attila Nemes

Surya Gupta

Budiman Minasny,

Brigitta Szabó

Yijian Zeng

Zhongwang Wei

Harry Vereecken:

Marcel G. Schaap:

Peter Lehmann

Anne Verhoef

John Koestel

Sara Bonetti

Daniel Hirmas

Pamela Sullivan

Tobias KD Weber

Caldwell, Todd G


The working group ‘Pedotransfer functions and land surface parameterization’ aims to bring together international experts working on pedotransfer functions and land surface parametrization in different disciplines such as soil sciences, climate, and crop modelling. Hereby, the focus will be in a first step on pedotransfer functions (PTF) to estimate soil hydraulic parameters. In addition, also thermal and biogeochemical pedotransfer functions will be tackled. Within the working group urgent needs in pedotransfer and land surface parameterization development and validation will be identified covering the following topics:

  1. Establishing a database of hydraulic properties, soil properties that not only contain data on texture, bulk density, organic carbon, and other basic properties but that also include ..
  2. ...

Further details can be found at the Working Group website



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