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EGU Sharing Geoscience Online

Streaming + mp4 presentation uploads + science chats


EGU 2020 started with an exciting new format with better accessible than ever while requiring adaptability from participants :)

There are virtual live streamed sessions which require participants to register and log in at:


mp4- presentations: Check out these three pre-recorded presentations by EGU2020 Authors:

D376 | EGU2020-9894
Process-based hydrological modeling: accounting for subsurface heterogeneity by integrating pedology, geophysics and soil hydrology
Edoardo Martini, Ute Wollschläger, Marco Bittelli, Fausto Tomei, Ulrike Werban, Steffen Zacharias, and Kurt Roth


EGU2020-1465 | Displays | CR1.5/BG1.19
Organic carbon sorbed to reactive iron minerals released during permafrost collapse

Monique S. Patzner, Merritt Logan, Carsten W. Mueller, Hanna Joss, Sara E. Anthony, Thomas Scholten, James M. Byrne, Thomas Borch, Andreas Kappler, and Casey Bryce


D2267 | EGU2020-670
Effect of stones on soil hydraulic properties: measurement and modeling
Mahyar Naseri, Sascha C. Iden, and Wolfgang Durner


EGU2020 live-streamed session schedule (all times are CEST):

Monday 4 May

US1: Best practices for scientific integrity and scientific freedom in an age of pandemics – and beyond (Co-sponsored by AGI, AGU, AOGS, GSA, GSL, and JpGU) 16:15-18:00. Register now!

Tuesday 5 May

US5: The future of Earth and Planetary Observations from Space 10:45-12:30. Register now!

GDB4: Are forests a solution to climate change? 14:00-15:00. Register now! 

Wednesday 6 May

US3: The role and impact of fire in the Earth system across spatial and temporal scales 10:45-12:30. Register now!

GDB1: Academic meritocracy: is it a challenge to women’s careers? (Co-sponsored by AGU, AOGS and JpGU) 16:15-17:15. Register now!

Thursday 7 May

US2: Geosciences and UN Sustainable Development Goals: pathways for the future 10:45-12:30. Register now!

GDB5: Values versus facts: should geoscience get personal? 16:15-17:15. Register now!

Friday 8 May

US4: Communicating A Global Climate Crisis: If our house is on fire, why haven’t we called the fire brigade…? 10:45-12:30. Register now!

GDB2: Managing our mineral resources for a sustainable future: The role of earth scientists 14:00-15:00. Register now!


Enjoy EGU, make the best of it and stay healthy!

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