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EGU Session summary

On-going activities discussed and new links amongst soil scientists established

Presentations of Harry Vereecken, Anne Verhoef, Teamrat Ghezzehei, Dani Or and Roland Baatz spurred dicussions on how data and models can be better linked to increase value of both.

Briefly outlined were the activities of the Soil Model Intercomparison Panel (e.g. 3D root model intercomparison workshop, and 3D-Model of root growth architecture and functioning special issue, infiltration data base, thermal soil properties...).

Further discussions focussed on the recent review and implications of the use of pedotransfer functions and their implications in land surface models such as OLAM-Soil or CLM.

Global data initiatives such as for infiltration, lysimeter and soil texture data with implications on soil parameterization, hydraulic and thermal conductivity were outlined and addressed thoroughly.

Other activities included were the Soil modeling conference in November, the past LTER/NEON/CZO/ISMC workshop in Feb. 2018, IUSS Working Group at the World Congress of Soil Science 2018, Belment Forum, COST Action).

Link to the presentations here.


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