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DAISY Model Short Course 27-30. Aug. 2018

Short course on DAISY agro-ecological model. Instructors: Efstathios Diamantopoulos, Merete Elizabeth Styczen and Per Abrahamsen; 27-31 August 2018;

The course is an introduction to the DAISY agro-ecological model. It covers the main processes in DAISY:

  • Water flow (matrix and biopore flow)
  • Solute transport (focus on nitrate and pesticide transport)
  • Heat transport
  • Soil organic matter turnover
  • Soil vegetation atmosphere transfer of water and energy
  • Crop growth/production
  • Management practices

A full time programme is arranged in the last August week. It includes a series of short presentations, each followed by hands-on group exercises where the students learn how to use the Daisy agro-ecological simulation model and to analyse a simple, pre-defined system. Specifically they learn how to prepare data for the model, how to run the model, and how to extract and analyse output from the model.
Students are encouraged to present their scientific topic and their plan in testing their hypothesis/research questions using DAISY.

Registration and contact
via email to: Merete Elisabeth Styczen ( or
Efstathios Diamantopoulos (

Simple attendance includes participation in lectures and exercises during the intensive week (27.8-31.8.2018), whereas full attendance also requires the participant to carry out a small model study of his or her own choice using DAISY, ending up with a report and an oral examination (during the week 5-11 Nov.). The teaching staff will be available for consultancies during the study period.

Two versions of the course are offered: Full attendance (7.5 ECTS, 1210 €)
Simple Attendance (2 ECTS, 500 €)

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