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AGU 2019

Early Career Workshop and AGU Sessions relevant to Soil Modeling community

AGU 2019

Reserve the Sunday for pre-AGU ISMC Meeting!

8th Dec., 9-12am ISMC will have its General Assembly.

8th Dec. 1-5pm Joint Early Career Researchers Workshop.

The Soil Science Networking Event engages ECRs for pushing a joint publication output and to exchange experience in a structured discussion. More details:


Abstract Submission due by 31st July!

AGU Sessions relevant to Soil Modeling community:

B005 - Advances in Soil Health: Characterizing the Biogeophysical Components of Sustained Productivity in Managed Soils (Conveners: C. Philips, M. Kleber, D. Litzpin)

B035 - Controls, dynamics, and responses of deep soil carbon to land use and climate change (Conveners: K. Lohse, J. Tang, A. Dere, S. Banwart)

B080 - Multi-scale controls on soil organic matter: leveraging networks, synthesis, and long-term studies (Conveners: S. Weintraub, W. Wieder, A. Flores, K. Lajtha)

B089 - Plants-microbes-minerals: interactions that drive soil organic matter cycling (Conveners: A. Malhotra, N. Sokol, J. Pett-Ridge, J. Harden)

B102 - Soil Carbon Change and Persistence in the Anthropocene (Conveners: K. Lajtha, M. Kramer, N. Cavallaro)

B106 - Surface-Atmosphere Interactions: Advances in Spatial and Temporal Scaling of Surface-Atmosphere Fluxes (Conveners: B. Butterworth, S. Metzger, K. Xu, P. Gentine)

B129 - Vulnerability of soil organic carbon stocks and persistence in a warming world (Conveners: C. Abad, J. Lehmann, C. Pries, C. Rumpel, M.F. Dignac)

C026 - Observations, Interactions, and Implications of Permafrost Systems in Transition (Conveners: S. Evans, M. Ward, M. Fuchs, C. Wilson)

H134 - The Role of Soil Moisture in Land–Atmosphere Interactions (Conveners: R. Rosolem, J. Santanello, K. Mccoll, A. Berg)

H138 - Utility of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Approaches in Soil Hydrological Processes and Agriculture (Conveners: R. Jana, A. Ines, Y. Xie)



We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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