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ISMC at AGU 2018 and AGU's Soil SWIRL

Join us at the ISMC Meet-up on Sunday Dec. 9th, 2018. Also we inform you on the AGU Soil SWIRL

On Sunday 9th Dec., 2018 9am-4pm, ISMC will host a public forum to exchange views, presentations, reporting and proposal ideas. Join us at Washington Marriott at Metro Center, 775 12th Street NW, Washington DC

Agenda ISMC Meeting:

  • Update on state of affairs – contributions by ISMC members
  • Ongoing and submitted projects and proposals – reporting
  • New initiatives – contributions are desired
  • Special Section Vadoze zone journal - potential contributions



SWIRL (Sessions With Interdisciplinary Research Linkages) themes are used to curate your experience at AGU Fall Meeting. You can find the thematic sessions for the soil swirl here:

Other SWIRL topics are reached through the AGU online programme:
==> Select SWIRL Theme



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