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3rd ISMC Conference

3rd ISMC Conference 2020 + Special Issue in Fronties in Soil Modeling + Message Board + Calendar


3rd ISMC Conference - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems
Date and location for the next meeting of the next ISMC conference are agreed:
September 24-27, 2020  at University of Tianjin, China

The call for session is open. In case you wish to convene a session, please submit title, description (max 300 words), and conveners to Prof. Dr. 王铁军 Tiejun Wang, and Dr. Roland Baatz,
The ISMC Executive Board will review the sessions submitted for drafting again an exciting and balanced conference programme.

Session Conveners and the ISMC Executive Board will form the Scientific Programme Committee.

ISMC already appreciates the commitment and support in preparation of the 3rd ISMC Conference to

Organizing Committee:
Tiejun Wang    Tianjin University
Xi Chen    Tianjin University
Guanhua Huang    College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University
Siliang Li    Tianjin University
Xinhua Peng    State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture; Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Henry Hui Teng    Tianjin University
Genxu Wang    Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yonggen Zhang    Tianjin University


Special Issue in Fronties in Soil Modeling
Microscale Modelling of Soil Processes: Recent Advances, Challenges, and the Path Ahead
This Research Topic is co-edited by Valérie Pot, Kirill Gerke, Ali Ebrahimi, Patricia Garnier, and Philippe Baveye.

Over the last 15 years researchers have increasingly recognized that in order to understand many soil processes, and be able to predict their future evolution, the traditional macroscopic approach would not do, and a microscopic perspective needed to be adopted instead.

This conclusion has been particularly clear for soil processes involving microorganisms. Several key studies have demonstrated that to better understand what controls the growth and activity of microorganisms, one needed to make observations at their scale, i.e., with a resolution of at most a few microns. The shift in emphasis from the macroscale to the microscale has been rendered possible by tremendous technological advances, such as the advent of dedicated table-top X-ray computed tomography scanners, and the development of various synchrotron-based techniques (such µXRF or NEXAFS) as well as NanoSIMS. Experimental research in this field has been very active and is currently undergoing a major expansion around the world.

In parallel with the experimental work that has been carried out, a significant amount of research has also been devoted to the mathematical modelling of soil processes at the microscale....
More information here:

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