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Vacancies 10th May 2019

Vacancies in soil science and related fields. Use ISMC Vacancies as reference.


Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geoscience at Bristol, UK
The University of Bristol School of Earth Sciences seeks an outstanding candidate for a permanent Lectureship/Senior Lectureship (Assistant/Associate Professor) appointment within the broad area of environmental geosciences. Areas of scholarly focus could include but are not limited to environmental geochemistry, geomicrobiology, the digital environment and Earth observation.
The School seeks applicants who conduct world-class, innovative and agenda-setting research. The post holder should be enthusiastic about sharing that experience with students and have a strong commitment to teaching. Our portfolio is diverse in its breadth and focus, and we offer BSc and MSci degree programmes in Geology, Environmental Geoscience, Geophysics and Palaeontology and Evolution (typical total intake of ~ 80 per year). The School has two postgraduate taught programmes, an MSc in Volcanology and an MSc in Palaeobiology.


Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at Polimi, Italy

Studies reports various pollutants and emerging contaminants in soil, surface water, groundwater and reclaimed wastewater, including, e.g., pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and/or engineered nanoparticles. Among the various types of emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals are of key interest. While it is documented that pharmaceutical contamination of surface water has affected severely some local ecological systems, the geo-chemical processes that occur during
pharmaceutical transport through heterogeneous groundwater systems are still obscure; there is still a longstanding need for further studies that investigate both the chemistry and the transport of pharmaceuticals in environmentally-relevant conditions. Such studies could favor social and political acceptance of routine industrial application, through establishment of robust risk assessment procedures.

Activities will be mainly keyed to identifying effects of diverse conditions (e.g., geochemical properties, environmental conditions, medium heterogeneities) on the
migration of selected pharmaceuticals. Expected scientific contributions include (i) experimental evidence of dynamics governing migration within natural soils; (ii) theoretical analysis of transport of pharmaceuticals in (physically and chemically) heterogeneous porous media and assessment of the potential of reactive transport formulations to depict their dynamics in (time-dependent)
flows; (iii) conceptual models and associated numerical algorithms; (iv) role of information theory in multi-model analysis and uncertainty assessment linked to (eventually competitive) dynamics of pharmaceuticals; (v) data sets for process recognition and benchmarking of numerical methods. Link.


PostDoc in coastal areas, Uni Ferrara, Italy

Responsibilities and tasks: The postdoc will be employed at the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Ferrara. The research will focus on the study of the mechanisms of saltwater intrusion and the effects that sea level rise and the change in rainfall pattern exert on this phenomenon. The research will be based on: 1) Data acquisition, 2) Advanced geostatistical and machine-learning models for spatial data analysis, 3) Laboratory-scale investigation of saltwater intrusion dynamics, 4) Application of numerical modelling for the
simulation of scenarios and hypothesis of intervention.

Link: here

Postdoctoral Research Associate at NCAR, Boulder, CO
The School of Natural Resources and the Environment is hiring a postdoctoral research associate.
The ideal candidate will work with a group on NASA funded projects to further develop data assimilation capabilities with the Community Land Model using the Data Assimilation Research Testbed to improve our understanding of the global carbon cycle. An initial focus will be on the Arctic and Boreal Zone (ABZ), so familiarity with key biophysical and biogeochemical processes in these environments would be beneficial. This position will be located at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO.


Postdoctoral Associate – Nutrient Management Spear Program – Cornell University
The work of the Postdoctoral Associate will be a component of the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program (, which is the applied research and extension program in field crops nutrient management for New York dairy and cash grain operations led by Dr. Quirine Ketterings, Professor in the Department of Animal Science. The sustainability of animal feeding operations in New York State depends greatly on their ability to increase nutrient recycling on the farm, reduce N and P losses to the environment, reduce cost of production and increase yield and milk sales.


Ph.D student to work on Hydrologic Modelling studies, Canada
The main objective of this research is to explore climate change and extreme weather impacts on eco-hydrological processes at watershed or catchment-scale. This research will be conducted using eco-hydrological modelling system (MESH-CTEM-N+) that incorporates the nitrogen coupled Canadian Land Surface Scheme and Canadian Terrestrial Ecosystem model (CLASS-CTEM-N+) in the Mod?lisation Environmentale Communautaire (MEC) Surface and Hydrology system (MESH). This model will be used to investigate feedbacks between energy, water, carbon and nutrient cycles from site to watershed or catchment scales. This position is funded through Global Water Futures (GWF) initiative. Selected student will have opportunities to collaborate with researchers associated with the GWF and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Canada.
Past experience and knowledge in hydrologic and/or ecosystem models and expertise in programing, FORTRAN, Matlab or R is required. Students should apply by emailing a cover letter describing their background, resume, list of relevant courses and names of two referees to Dr. Altaf Arain.  Graduate student benefits will include stipend through scholarship and TAship, tuition fee waiver, health and dental insurance and opportunities to interact with students involved forest water and carbon cycle fieldwork, starting September 2019.
Review of the applications will begin immediately until the position is filled.


Ecology Postdoctoral Scholar, Berkeley, USA
Bay Area, California, United States
Berkeley Lab’s Climate & Ecosystems Division has an opening for an Ecology Postdoctoral Scholar. You will focus on using remote sensing, eddy-covariance and/or land surface models to improve our understanding of local to global carbon cycling. The project will merge top-down and bottom-up approaches to assess the impact of climate drivers on global photosynthesis and respiration. This position is funded under a recent NASA award, and the researcher will work closely with collaborators at JPL and Stanford.
Please contact Dr. Trevor F. Keenan ( with any questions regarding the position or application process.
More info here

PhD Research Fellowship in Terrestrial Vegetation Observations and Modelling, Norway available at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) in collaboration with the University of Oslo (UiO), Department of Geosciences. The fellowship period is three years.
Tentative starting date 1 September 2019. Application deadline: 25 May 2019.05.03.
For more information and application procedures, please see here
The successful candidate will focus her/his research on the links between observed vegetation damage in sub-Arctic regions of Norway and extreme weather events, where the latter will be linked to ongoing climate change. She or he will actively take part in field work, analyze existing data from previous field work and remote sensing analyses and contribute to the development of routines for integrating results of the knowledge gained into the Community Land Model (CLM) - the land surface model employed in the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM).
Applicants must hold a Master's degree or equivalent in environmental plant biology/ecology, earth system sciences, meteorology, hydrology or a related discipline (e.g. in physics or mathematics with experience in the earth sciences).


Postdoctoral Scientist (W061) in MPI GWDG Göttingen, Germany
to conduct research on land-atmosphere interactions. The successful candidate will investigate interactions between vegetation and moist convection in idealized simulations of the coupled land-atmosphere system. An idealized framework of radiative-convective equilibrium (RCE) will be used. As a unique feature, the simulations will both use dynamic vegetation and horizontal resolution fine enough so as to explicitly represent convection in the atmosphere. The candidate will thus pioneer the use of a new class of storm-resolving models that will also include dynamical vegetation feedbacks on the climate. The candidate will work jointly with scientists both in the department /The Land in the Earth System/ as well as in the department /The Atmosphere in the Earth System/.
·Couple the JSBACH land surface model to the storm-resolving model version of the ICON model
·Conduct RCE simulations using that set-up and analyze the results.
There is freedom for the candidate to define his/her own specific research questions under this umbrella.
·Disseminate the results through high quality peer-review publications and presentations at conferences
More info here


MSc and PhD research in trace element cycling, uptake and toxicity at SWAMP Uni Alberta
The SWAMP lab facility is seeking highly motivated students to undertake research related to trace element concentration and speciation in the dissolved (size-based speciation, < 450 nm) and particulate fractions (chemical reactivity, > 450 nm) of surface waters, and in soils and soil solutions. Two PhD positions are available, in the following research areas: 1) Assessing the uptake of trace elements into aquatic and riparian plants, and associated relationships with concentration, size, and speciation, and; 2) Assessing the uptake of trace elements by invertebrates and fish, associated toxicity, and relationships with trace element concentrations, size and speciation. The MSc position will focus on the assessment of soil properties, including trace element concentrations and speciation, and the impacts of these soils on surface runoff. Soil solutions will also be collected and characterized using ultraclean soil lysimeters. This research will occur in the context of an experimental engineered landscape in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region that is designed to treat and reclaim waste streams.
For more info or to apply for one or more of these positions, please send a letter of application, CV, and the names of two references to Ms. Tracy Gartner ( or Dr. Chad W. Cuss (


Postdoctoral Research Position on Sustainable Bioenergy Crop Production @TAMU
Postdoctoral Research Position on Sustainable Bioenergy Crop Production
Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at Beaumont is seeking candidates for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the field of bioenergy crop production with a special focus on sustainability and is available immediately. This is a multi-year, limited term position funded by DOE EERE BETO. Continuation of employment is contingent upon availability of funds and satisfactory performance, up to a maximum of five years. The appointment will be supervised jointly by Drs. Fugen Dou, Lloyd Ted Wilson and Yubin Yang at the Center.
We seek a candidate who will be involved in conducting research on assessing the economic viability and environmental sustainability of bioenergy crop production, including energycane and biomass sorghum. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, assistance with bioenergy crop planting, field crop management, sampling and analysis of soil, water, greenhouse gas, sampling of plant biomass growth; data integration and analysis, preparation of manuscripts for publication; and writing new research proposals. A high level of productivity for peer-reviewed publications is expected.
The minimum qualifications are an earned Ph.D. in soil science, agronomy, biology, or a similar field from an accredited institution. Candidates should have a strong interest in sustainable agriculture research. The successful candidate must be able to work independently and also effectively in a team, and possess excellent written and interpersonal communication skills to be able to regularly communicate project results. In addition, the successful candidate must possess a high level of analytical, statistical, organizational and planning skills. The candidate must meet eligibility requirements for work in the U.S. by the start date and continue working legally for the proposed term of employment.


Laboratory/field manager in Boulder, Colorado
he USGS Earth Systems Biogeochemistry (ESB) Laboratory in Denver, Colorado is recruiting a full-time, masters-level (GS-9), laboratory/field manager. The ESB Lab conducts detailed studies of biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on soils. Our current work is centered on understanding regional scale controls on soil organic matter cycling in the mountain and desert ecosystems of the southwestern, US. We are looking for candidates with a strong background in biogeochemistry and experience in both laboratory and field environments.  The incumbent will spend approximately 80% of their time managing the ESB laboratory operations, including sample processing and analytical workflows, as well as some data management and interpretation. The remaining 20% of their time will be spent assisting with or overseeing field studies and sample collection. This fieldwork will occur in remote environments occasionally requiring hiking and camping in backcountry conditions. Applicants with training in geospatial data analyses, GIS, or the R programming environment are strongly encouraged to apply. For questions about the work being conducted by the ESB Laboratory, please contact Corey Lawrence ( .
More details about this position, including details on how to apply, can be found at or using the following link:

Soil Hydrologist at Northern Minnesota, USA
Please see posting for a Hydrologist position with our research team here in beautiful Northern Minnesota. See link below.

CSDMS Research Software Engineer at Boulder Colorado
The CSDMS Integration Facility seeks a research software engineer (RSE) or hybrid RSE/Postdoc with at least 1 year of software development experience in one or more object-oriented programming languages, with an emphasis on Python.  The position is flexible to allow up to 50% time for research-related activities for a postdoc.  Postdocs will be expected to publish their research and to attend and present at scientific meetings.


Leadership Position at the Earth Institute, Columbia University (USA)
The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS <>) is looking for a flagship leader to lead its technical area on climate services and safety nets <>.
The position is based at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI <>) at the Earth Institute, Columbia University.
See here for the full job advertisement:

Postdoctoral researcher in micrometeorology, Göttingen, Germany
In the project OXYFLUX - Oxygen flux measurements as a new tracer for the carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems funded by the European Research Council (ERC).
The position should be filled as soon as possible and is offered under a fixed term contract terminating on September 30, 2021. The salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale (TV-L E13) with 100%, which corresponds to 39.8 working hours per week.
Your duties: OXYFLUX will investigate various aspects of oxygen exchange processes between the land surface and the atmosphere ranging from local to global scales. Tasks include eddy covariance measurements for CO2 and O2 over forest and agricultural field sites, instruments evaluation, data analysis and interpretation, presentation of results nationally and internationally, publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Measurements are carried out at sites in Germany.
Please send your application with letter of motivation, CV with copies of certificates, list of publications and contacts of references in electronic form as a single pdf-file by 22 April 2019 to Prof. A. Knohl, <> (subject OXYFLUX). If you have any questions, please contact: <>. Information about the bioclimatology group and OXYFLUX can be found at


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