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Post-doc position at PNNL, Richland WA

Organization and Job ID
Job ID:  306758
Directorate:  Energy and Environment
Division:  Earth System Science
Group: Geoscience
Job Description
The Geosciences Group is seeking a highly motivated individual with a strong ethic of service to the scientific community and a commitment to both scientific excellence and national impact on scientific and technical problems facing the United States. 

The candidate is expected to support laboratory-based research on the processes that control the release and mobility of contaminants and their interactions with synthetic and/or natural minerals, assemblages of minerals, and soils and sediments. 

The Post-Doctoral Research Associate should have a background in soil chemistry/mineralogy, low temperature geochemistry, environmental chemistry or related fields.  The candidate will be expected to design and conduct batch and saturated and unsaturated column experiments with soil and subsoil materials to determine the extent and rate of adsorption/desorption reactions, study the fate and transport of contaminants (e.g., U, Tc, Cr and I) and investigate changes in the chemical, mineralogical and physical properties of soils/sediments at different temporal and spatial scales. The candidate is also expected to use an iterative approach of geochemical modeling and experimentation to test the hypotheses and determine predictive model parameters.     

The candidate will support research efforts as part of a multi-disciplinary scientific team contributing to ongoing technical activities, as well as contribute to and develop proposals for future research funding.  Candidate must be familiar with standard analytical techniques and chemical laboratory operating procedures.  Candidate must be able to work with colleagues and must be willing to learn and employ safe techniques for handling hazardous materials.

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