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Job offers 26 Nov. 2018

For reference, please use “ISMC Job ads”. Job submission via e-mail to the coordination office (r.baatz at fz-juelich . de).

Assistant Professor in Climate & Atmospheric Science University of California, Merced
The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Merced, seeks applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Climate and Atmospheric Science. We welcome applications from scientists working in any area of climate and atmospheric science relevant to the health and sustainability of natural ecosystems or human societies. We are open to any scale of focus (e.g., local vs. global, short- vs. long-term, modern vs. historical vs. geological time), as well as to any scientific approach (measurements, experiments, modeling, or any combination).
Examples of relevant research include but are not limited to: regional to global climate modeling and forecasting; examining fluxes of gases or particles to/from the atmospheric boundary layer; studying the production, fate, and transport of atmospheric pollutants and related precursors (including those relevant for human health); research into fundamental scientific concepts underlying accurate weather forecasts and climate predictions (including extreme weather events, and the form, timing, and quantity of precipitation delivered to watersheds); or modeling and analysis of large-scale atmospheric phenomena and how they change over a variety of time scales (e.g., changes in ENSO dynamics; changes in climactic patterns underlying droughts, hurricanes, and other extreme weather events; paleoclimate studies).
For more information, and to apply, please go to:

Spatial Biogeochemical Modeller, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Bangor, UK.
This is a 12-month maternity cover post. We are seeking a suitable applicant with GIS and programming skills and the ability to apply these to predict ecosystem changes, and to summarise and communicate understanding. A key part of the role will be to help maintain the UK National Focal Centre database of modelled data related to air pollution impacts. See
Postdoc position “Agronomy and Crop Systems Modelling”
The division Tropical Plant Production and Agricultural Systems Modelling (TROPAGS) has its research focus on the analysis and modelling of globally important plant production systems. Central questions relate to the development of sustainable crop/ farm management practices of smallholder systems, food security, risks analyses and land use planning, especially in regions that are particularly vulnerable to climate and other global changes. We offer a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary research and work environment in a team with extensive expertise in tropical agronomy and land use issues and the design, development, testing and applications of agricultural systems models at different scales (see, webpage:
Currently we are seeking to fill a position that is at the core of our divisions’ research: combining experimentation with ecophysiological modelling from field/farm to region. While research activities and teaching will focus on tropical plant production systems, namely in Africa; participation in projects on temperate agricultural systems and in other world regions is also expected.

Tenure-track Water Resources Engineering faculty job (Assistant Professor) at Texas A&M University
Greetings. Currently we have advertised a tenure-track Water Resources Engineering faculty job (Assistant Professor) at BAEN, Texas A&M University. This is a broad search to find the best possible candidate to fill in some key gaps in our department (and TAMU campus) with complementary expertise. I will very much appreciate if you can pass this information to soil and hydrology group.


Tenure-track Faculty Position in GIS at the University of Connecticut (USA)
The Department of Geography at the University of Connecticut, Storrs seeks an outstanding scholar to fill a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) with an expected start date of August 2019. We are seeking applicants who specialize in spatial data science with a focus on one or more areas, viz., Geovisualization (e.g. webGIS, digital cartography, visualization of large, complex, and multidimensional geospatial and movement data) and Analytics and Modeling (e.g., advanced spatial modeling, space-time analytics, spatial interaction, network analysis, data mining). We particularly welcome applicants who are able to strengthen our existing research cluster of Geographic Information Science and Systems and complement other clusters of Spatial Analysis of Social Issues, Earth System Dynamics, and Human-Environment Dynamics by critically applying GIScience methods. More details on the research clusters can be found at <>
Successful candidates will have the opportunity to teach advanced courses in GIScience such as Geovisualization, Cartography, WebGIS, GIS programming, data mining, big data analytics, and other courses in their area of specialization.
Go to <>. Select “Apply” to be redirected to Academic Jobs Online to complete your application.

PhD Research Assistantship at the University of Georgia (USA)
PhD Research Assistantship in Earth System Modeling: The Climate, Clouds, and Land Modeling group in the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia (PI: Gabriel Kooperman;
<>) is seeking applications for a PhD position on modeling the hydrological cycle, with focus on extreme storms and precipitation. The PhD student will have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art Earth system models and collaborate with scientists at several national laboratories. Perspective students should have a background in atmospheric/earth/climate/physical science or a related field and a strong interest in modeling the Earth system. Applicants are encouraged to email Dr. Kooperman (<
<>>) prior to applying to discuss their interests, background, and current research projects. Applications are due on December 1, 2018 through the UGA Graduate School, and more information about how to apply can be found at:


NSF opening for Hydrologic Sciences permanent Program Director
The National Science Foundation is recruiting permanent Program Director for the Hydrologic Sciences Program.
The application period closes Jan. 2!


Assistant Professor in Environmental Soil Chemistry at Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, Oklahoma
The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences in the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry. This position is an 11-month, tenure-track position located on the main campus in Stillwater. This position has 75% Research and 25% teaching responsibilities. The successful candidate is expected to establish an externally funded, nationally and internationally recognized research and teaching program in the area of environmental soil chemistry. Interdisciplinary research is expected, and possible research areas include soil contamination and remediation, emerging contaminants, water quality, biosolids, byproducts from oil and gas production, other industrial byproducts, land application of animal waste, biogeochemical cycling, and transport of nutrients and contaminants with a focus on environmental sustainability of managed and natural ecosystems.

Teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate course in environmental soil chemistry that is cross listed with the interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences program. The successful applicant will be expected to develop and/or teach additional undergraduate and graduate courses based on faculty expertise and departmental priorities as identified in the program curriculum map. Advising and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students is expected.
For more information about this position, contact Dr. Jeff Edwards, Department Head at 405.744.6130, or Dr. Tyson Ochsner, Professor and Search and Screen Committee Chair, at

Senior Model Integration Scientist | CEH Wallingford
Research Associate, Hydrological Modeller | CEH Wallingford
Software Framework Scientist | NCAS based in Wallingford
Research Groundwater / Hydrological Modeller | BGS

Could you help build the next generation of land-surface and hydrological models?
The British Geological Survey (BGS) have an opportunity for a talented and motivated Research Groundwater / Hydrological Modeller to join their Groundwater Directorate. In collaboration with leading universities and a variety of industrial partners you will principally work on two major new projects:
(ii)Community Water Management for a LiveableLondon (CAMELLIA)
Your role will be: 1) To improve the representation and parameterisation of groundwater processes in JULES and the Hydro-JULES framework, and its application at a range of space and time-scales; 2) to support the development and application of a community urban hydrological model for London, integrating surface water, groundwater and infrastructure interactions.
The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) wishes to recruit an outstanding computational scientist, to be based at the University of Reading. You will play a key role in the Hydro-JULES programme.
You will contribute to the design of flexible interfaces between Hydro-JULES model components, and between Hydro-JULES and other Earth system models – and be responsible for their development and implementation.
You will be also be involved in the testing and support of this model in the community, and will work with scientists and computational modellers from partner organisations. Although based at the University of Reading, you will spend the bulk of your time at CEH.
This post is expected to be available in summer 2019, at which point it will be re-advertised. Meanwhile, interested parties should contact Grenville. Lister@
Hydro-JULES is a NERC-funded research programme which will build a three-dimensional community model of the terrestrial water cycle l inked to the JULES land surface model, to underpin hydrological research in the United Kingdom. For more information please visit
More info:

PhD Fellowships in High Latitude Hydrology at Uni Florida
The University of Florida Water Institute Graduate Fellows Program (WIGF) is offering 5 to 6 PhD fellowships for interdisciplinary collaborative studies in hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, microbial ecology, botany, ecosystem ecology, and coastal hydrodynamics of glaciers, pro-glacial landscapes, and coastal systems in Greenland. Fellows will form a cohort and will benefit from integrative activities to enhance interdisciplinary skills as well as expertise in environmental civics (i.e. leadership, outreach and civic engagement skills). Each Fellowship provides four years of 12-month stipend, plus tuition waiver and health care.
Applications due January 16, 2019.
For more information visit:

PhD position Rhizosphere Dynamics Graduate Student Position in Canada
Join a new lab at AAFC in Lethbridge investigating crop rhizosphere dynamics. Trace nutrient flows from plants to bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. Use stable isotope probing and next-generation sequencing to identify microbes involved in nutrient cycling. Answer questions about carbon sequestration in soils, decomposition rates, and the potential to manipulate microbes to improve soil health. Determine the impacts of root exudates on microbial populations. Explore the potential of mycorrhizal networks to transfer information chemicals and nutrients in annual and perennial cropping systems. Support in developing an impactful research project will be provided. No experience necessary, however, familiarity and interest in soils and/or microbes, and/or sustainability and resilience research in agroecosystems would be an asset.
The successful candidate will spend most of the research program tenure working at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, AAFC, and will complete his/her coursework requirements at UAlberta in Edmonton as part of the degree program. The successful candidate will have the great opportunity to work with a diverse group of researchers across scientific disciplines at both prestigious institutions.
pply with CV, scanned copies of transcripts and a brief letter introducing yourself and your research interests to: or Guillermo Hernandez,

Tenure-track Faculty Position at the University of Connecticut (USA)
he Department of Geography at the University of Connecticut, Storrs seeks an outstanding scholar to fill a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) with an expected start date of August 2019. We are seeking applicants who specialize in spatial data science with a focus on one or more areas, viz., Geovisualization (e.g. webGIS, digital cartography, visualization of large, complex, and multidimensional geospatial and movement data) and Analytics and Modeling (e.g., advanced spatial modeling, space-time analytics, spatial interaction, network analysis, data mining). We particularly welcome applicants who are able to strengthen our existing research cluster of Geographic Information Science and Systems and complement other clusters of Spatial Analysis of Social Issues, Earth System Dynamics, and Human-Environment Dynamics by critically applying GIScience methods. More details on the research clusters can be found at <>
Successful candidates will have the opportunity to teach advanced courses in GIScience such as Geovisualization, Cartography, WebGIS, GIS programming, data mining, big data analytics, and other courses in their area of specialization.
More info here: Go to <>.

Postdoctoral Associate at Iowa State University
The is a shared position between the Iowa Nutrient Research Center and the Daily Erosion Project, a research project housed at the Iowa Water Center. The associate will divide their time between projects, as needed, to complete the objectives listed below.
The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Nonpoint Source Science Assessment estimated nutrient load reduction at a Major Land Resources Area scale, with estimates then aggregated to the state level.  However, this effort did not specifically account for nutrient reduction practice applicability in different landform regions of the state.  With this project, we will expand on previous Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy efforts by examining different landform regions and specifically accounting for the maximum level of practice implementation that could be expected to be achieved.  This is important for assessing alternative scenarios for nutrient reduction in various landform regions, and prioritizing practices that have the greatest opportunity for implementation and nutrient load reduction.  
The Daily Erosion Project ( is composed of a team of researchers who estimate sheet and rill erosion on a real time basis across Iowa and sections of other Midwestern states. The project is focused on the development of hydrologic models and the validation of these models throughout the state of Iowa. The key focus areas of this project is to evaluate remotely sensed inputs required for this project and also disseminate information to stakeholders through programs, websites, and social media in-step with other partners throughout the state.
The Postdoctoral Associate will incorporate best management practice information into the development of nutrient reduction scenarios for various watersheds across Iowa accounting for the maximum level of implementation that could be achieved with the various practices. This scenario development will also assess the cost effectiveness of various options. This work will utilize the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF) tool for assessing practice implementation. As part of this work there would be a review of tools or approaches that can be used in evaluating potential load reductions.
Submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references to Hanna Bates, Program Coordinator for the Iowa Water Center. Email: Questions can be directed to 515-294-5650.

Biological Scientist II Position at Univ. of Florida
The Soil and Water Science Program at UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona is looking for a full-time Biological Scientist to perform and assist in the performance of field, laboratory, and greenhouse trials related to the soil science. Responsibilities include: establishing experiments, calculating and weighting fertilizer/manure/biosolids application rates, seeding, collecting soil, water, gas, and plant tissue samples, harvesting plots, and maintaining and monitoring field equipment.
Laboratory activities include preparing soil, water, gas, and plant tissue samples for analysis, conducting various chemical laboratory analysis, and operating and maintaining laboratory instruments.  Responsible for coordinating and supervising all activities occurring in the laboratory including:  coordinate and supervise quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program to ensure high quality analytical results, monitor and maintain the laboratory quality assurance database, teaching technicians, undergraduate and graduate students, and visiting scientists on proper safety techniques, laboratory procedures and laboratory instrument operation.  Employee is also responsible for chemical inventory, maintenance of material safety data sheet (MSDS) records, and ordering laboratory supplies.

Multiple Postdoctoral Positions @ University of Alabama
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Center for Complex Hydrosystems Research (CCHR) at the University of Alabama seek outstanding applicants for multiple postdoctoral scholar positions. The successful candidates will support hydrologic modeling at local, regional and continental scales, state-of-the art data assimilation, machine learning, flood and drought monitoring and forecasting, flood inundation modeling, and the use of soil moisture and snow remote sensing data for the above. It is expected that candidates have strong statistical and quantitative background, strong programming skills in Python or Matlab, good command in using Linux and data management, and strong skills in written and oral communication of research results.
It is highly desirable that candidates have competence in data intensive research, high performance (parallel) computing and deep learning. Working knowledge with models such as Noah-MP, WRF-Hydro/ National Water Model, and VIC is viewed favorably.
To be considered for these positions, applicants should upload a cover letter, curriculum vitae, two representative publications, and contact information for at least two references via this link
Review of applications will begin immediately, and priority is given to applications received by November 30, 2018. The intention is to hire by end of this year, however, the search will continue until the positions are filled. For questions, please contact Dr. Hamid Moradkhani (
Postdoctoral and Graduate Positions in Human-Environmental Isoscapes, University of Utah
The SPATIAL group at the University of Utah is soliciting applications for two positions – one at the postdoctoral and the other at the MS or PhD level – as part of an effort to characterize and understand the multi-isotopic human environmental landscape (isoscapes) across the USA. Both individuals will become part of a team that is gathering, integrating, and analyzing data to develop a predictive understanding of the stable isotope ratios of key environmental resources and how these are transferred to human body tissues. Work in the first project year will focus primarily on stable isotope ratios of groundwaters. This project will directly advance forensic provenance applications, and team members will be able to interact and collaborate with a multi-disciplinary community involved in both fundamental and applied research in this domain. We anticipate opportunities for the postdoctoral and graduate researchers to leverage these activities to develop and publish exciting fundamental research in forensic methodology, hydrological and water resource science, paleoclimate, or biogeochemistry, depending on their interests and expertise. The project postdoc will have the opportunity to participate as an instructor/mentor in the annual SPATIAL summer short course (

Opening tenure research assistant position at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Liege University [Be]
I’m pleased to inform you that Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Liege University (Belgium) is offering a research position (First assistant/Research assistant) in the field of « Ecosystem approaches to agricultural production ».
The successful candidate will be hired for a period of 2 years after which a definitive appointment could be proposed (tenure-track).
Please find the details of the call at following url :
Original french version here :
The call ends by December 14th, 2018.

Post Doc Research Associate - Environmental Microbiology at PNNL, US
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Environmental Assessment group is seeking an exceptional postdoctoral candidate in terrestrial subsurface microbial ecology and biogeochemistry to conduct translational research that supports the applied science mission of the U.S. Department of Energy. The successful candidate will have demonstrated expertise in the remediation or stabilization of persistent organics, metals, and radionuclides in environmental matrices or engineered systems. Applicants are expected to have a working familiarity with the use and application of techniques for in situ characterization and measurement of activity in subsurface and groundwater environments, as well as an understanding of coupled biogeochemical and hydrologic networks that control the fate of contaminants in complex subsurface environments. Preferred qualifications include experience with analytical chemistry, integrated –omics and analysis of large data sets, and/or stable isotope probing.
Job ID 308550; Location PNNL - Richland, WA; Full-time; temporary

Air pollution and atmosphere-biosphere interactions
(Advisor: Sally Pusede, <>):
Research projects involve trace gas chemistry as related to air pollution, atmosphere-forest interactions, and carbon cycling using laboratory, field, and satellite measurements.
Further details about application and admission requirements can be found on the Department of Environmental Sciences’ website:


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