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Tianjin, China

Tianjin Overview

Tianjin City is a modern and ancient city, one of the largest ports in China, cultural and industrial sprawling one hour by bullet train from Beijing.

The city offers sights such as the Hai River, and the Tianjin eye (,  Five Great Avenues (,  Ancient Culture Street (

The longest man-made canal of the world, Dà Yùnhé - the Grand Canal connects via Tianjin the capital Beijing with the South of China.


Close to Tianjin are many ecological and geographic reserves with remnants and restaurated stretches of the Ancient Great Wall. The oldest part built in Northern Qi Dynasty (557-577 BC) with five watch towers stretches 5600 m in Limutai Scienic Spot a National Geological Park and National Forest Park.


Limu Tai. Source:


The Great Wall at Huangyaguan close to Tianjin is a restored stretch originally built 1400 years ago during the Northern Qi Dynasty an reinforced in its current brick layered foundation during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The stretch hosts the Great Wall Marathon every year during April/May.

Great Wall at Huangyaguan Source:


North of Beijing, there is the Great Wall at Badaling also buildt during the Ming Dynasty in 1505 with the goal of protecting the Juyongguan Pass which gives access to Beijing city from the Northern mountains.



In the agricultural low-lands North of Tianjin, mid-way between the Great Wall at Huangyaguan and Tianjin is located the Dule Temple, a 1000 year old wood constructed 23 meter high buddhist temple.

Dule Temple Source:


Baiyang Lake and Xiong'an New Area, which are respectively a five-A tourism area and part of the "millennium strategy" described by President Xi Jinping. An introduction to Baiyang Lake and Xiong'an can be found at and

Baiyang Lake Source:


Xiong'an Citizen Service Center


Binhai New Area in Tianjin is a fast developing area with high investments into industry and infrastructure. Binhai is close to the coast with access to the man-made beach, Binhai Library shaped as an eye, an aircraft carrier, and other places.

Binhai Library

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