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Travel Notice

Travel Notice

Current situation 2019-nCoV - stay safe, keep calm, focus on science, plan for the best:

China and other regions experience an outbreak of the new Coronavirus COVID-19 since Dec. 2019. ISMC monitors the situation and wishes the affected people the best treatment and a rapid recovery.

China, the World Health Organization WHO and international efforts are well underway to develop preventive measures towards containing the virus.

We anticipate that until April in the latest, new precise knowledge on the virus will have improved travel conditions, and preventive measures will have shown impact towards a decline of infections.

At this moment, we are looking forward to a safe and fruitful exchange in seven months from now.

Plan for the 3rd ISMC Conference - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems 24-27 Sep. 2020 in Tianjin, China.


Further information on how to protect yourself, myth busters, travel advice and situation reports visit:


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