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The GEWEX-SoilWat initiative: first planning workshop for scope and interactions Advancing Integration of Soil and Subsurface Processes in Climate Models

When Jun 28, 2016 12:00 AM to
Jun 30, 2016 12:00 AM
Where Leipzig, Germany
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The Soil and Critical Zone communities have been exploring ways to broaden disciplinary participation in addressing global challenges where soil and subsurface processes (groundwater) play important roles – these include climate change, food security, land and water resources and more. GEWEX plays a prominent role in quantifying land-atmosphere interactions in various modeling platforms and appears a natural partner for fostering synergistic interactions between the soil/subsurface and the climate communities. We have made presentations at two GEWEX meetings (and to the GEWEX scientific steering group in January 2016) to promote such collaborations and discussed potential areas of mutual interests, however, exact mechanisms, topical themes and priorities, persons involved, how to organize and engage the two communities and issues remain open. The primary objectives of this planning workshop are to harness the enthusiastic expressions of interest from both communities and transform these into an effective and sustainable plan of action. We seek input from the two communities (GEWEX and Soil/Groundwater) to identify the most pressing challenges and scientific topics, how to mutually engage and cooperate, how to weave such activities into the present GEWEX structure, how to provide feedback to the soil/water communities, and how to expand and involve other interested people. In short, we hope to shape and promote cooperation that would benefit the scientific communities involved.

Objectives and outcomes
To establish a structure that develops a road map for better integrating soil research into climate research, and for interfacing research on soils, climate, and socio-economics. These objectives target six core areas (an initial list to be adjusted as the GEWEX-SoilWat initiative progresses):
• Integrating (sub-) surface modeling in hydrological and climate models – Eleanor Blyth and Dani Or (co-leads)
• Model complexity and utility (simple vs complex models)- Martin Best and Matthias Cuntz (co-leads)
• Groundwater-surface-atmosphere interactions - Stefan Kollet and Remko Uijlenhoet, (co-leads)
• Human interactions affecting soil-water processes Naota Hanasaki and Shmuel Assouline (co-leads)
• Soil observations for hydro-climate research - Sonia Seneviratne and Harry Vereecken (co-leads)
• Structures and mechanisms for informing climate and soil communities - Gerrit de Rooij and Peter van Oevelen (co-leads)
We envision each of these core areas to be managed by a working group that will be tasked with developing strategies, time plan, identifying work group members and establishing interactions and coordination mechanisms. During the workshop, participants will identify specific strategies for the working groups regarding agenda-setting, generating commitment from researchers and research groups, research funding, and stakeholder involvement. The planning workshop would
embark on creating an infrastructure for 1) informing climate research communities of relevant soil research areas and their results, and 2) communicating research needs and knowledge gaps concerning land processes in climate and weather modulation to the soil and water communities.

The workshop will have blocks of presentations (mostly invited) that highlight the strategic and/or organizational issues regarding core working groups, aspects related to inter- and transdisciplinarity of the research areas involved, or experienced in transfer of research needs and generated knowledge between researchers and parties/actors that require new knowledge. Each block of presentations will be followed by ample time for discussion.
Primed by this exchange, the workshop participants will join (on a voluntary basis) one of six brainstorming groups for each core area. We will appoint co-chairs to each of the core groups to moderate and manage the discussions. A brief explanation and discussion of the tasks of these groups will follow to ensure the core groups have a common understanding of the focus and desired output of their discussions, in view of the overall objectives of the workshop.
The results of the break-away sessions will be reported in a plenary session. In this plenary the points brought forward will be honed and finalized to create a level of coherency between the working groups. These results will be used in the final plenary session to develop a road map to set things in motion after the workshop, further develop the agenda, and broadcast our plans.
There is room for a few volunteered posters that will be displayed in the lobby area where lunch will be served.

List of invitees
GEWEX: Gab Abramovitz, Martin Best, Eleanor Blyth, Aaron Boone, Mike Ek, Bill Kustas, Taikan Oki, Sonia Seneviratne, Remko Uijlenhoet, Peter van Oevelen, Howard Wheater. Gianpaolo Balsamo, Hugo Berbery
UFZ: Matthias Cuntz, Gerrit de Rooij, Mareike Liess, Luis Samaniego, Ute Wollschläger, Steffen Zacharias, Björn-Oliver Magsig, Bernd Klauer, Reimund Schwarze, Moritz Reese
SoilWat: Shmuel Assouline, John Crawford, Franssen Hendricks, Katja Frieler, Jan Hopmans, Dani Or, Yakov Pachepsky, Jacob Schewe, Jan Vanderborght, Harry Vereecken, Michael Young, Josh Heitman, Alex McBratney, Lukas Gudmundsson, Kurt Roth, David Robinson
Groundwater, Soil, Other: Martin Best, Marc Bierkens, Colin Campbell, Ty Ferre, Thomas Harter, Stephan Kollet, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Anne Verhoef, Jasper Vrugt, Dominique Arrouays, Martine van der Ploeg, Panos Panagos, Binayak Mohanty, Anne van Loon, Rene Orth, Pier-Luigi Vidale
Organizing committee
Gerrit de Rooij – UFZ
Dani Or - ETH
Sonia Seneviratne - ETH
Peter van Oevelen - GEWEX
Aaron Boone – CNRM
Harry Vereecken – Julich FZ

Timeline and logistics
Workshop program announced – April 2016
Abstracts and registration – May 2016
Workshop begins – June 28th 2016 – 13:00
Registration – Please take a few minutes to register to ensure that you will receive information in the next round of announcements -
Location - KUBUS, UFZ Leipzig (
Conference fees - no conference fees; location and food functions (including conference dinner) are covered by the organizers

Travel and lodging – Participants are responsible for their travel and lodging costs (link for local hotels)
The airport to which the KUBUS webpage above site refers is the Leipzig-Halle airport (LEJ) with direct connections to Frankfurt, Paris and a few other cities. Here are a few hotels from which KUBUS can be reached by public transportation or, in case of the Suite Hotel Leipzig, on foot:

The Westin Leipzig **** Gerberstraße 15, 04105 Leipzig Room prices start at about €150 You will find the hotel near City Centre. From Leipzig Central Station to UFZ please take tram no. 13 (direction "Taucha") or no. 3 (direction “Sommerfeld”) to stop "Permoserstraße/Torgauer Straße" (about 12 min, 7nd stop).        

Suite Hotel Leipzig **** Permoserstraße 50, 04328 Leipzig Room prices start at about €65 The City Partner Suite Hotel Leipzig is within easy walking distance from the KUBUS. From Leipzig Central Station to the hotel please take tram no. 13 (direction "Taucha") or no. 3 (direction “Sommerfeld”) to stop "Permoserstraße/Torgauer Straße" (about 12 min, 7nd stop). Please change to bus no. 90 direction "Paunsdorf Center " to stop "Elisabeth-Schumacher-Straße" (2 stops).

Galeriehotel Leipziger Hof *** Hedwigstraße 1-3, 04315 Leipzig Price: single room prices from €69 to €175. You will find the hotel near the Central Station (3 stops with tram no. 3 or no. 13 direction "Sommerfeld" or "Taucha", stop “Einertstraße”) right next to the Eisenbahnstraße. From the hotel please take tram no. 13 direction "Taucha" or no. 3 direction “Sommerfeld” to stop "Permoserstraße/Torgauer Straße" (about 7 min, 4 stops) to the UFZ. B&B

Hotel Leipzig ** Torgauer Straße 277a, 04347 Leipzig Prices start at €42 You will find the hotel near the motorway exit “Leipzig/Taucha”. From Leipzig Central Station please take tram no. 13 direction "Taucha" or no. 3 direction “Sommerfeld” to stop "Karolusstraße" (about 17 min, 11 stops) to the hotel. From the hotel please take tram no. 13 or no. 3 direction "Knautkleeberg" to stop "Permoserstraße/Torgauer Straße" (about 4 min, 3 stops) to the UFZ.

Another useful link for a hotel search in Leipzig:

GEWEX-SoilWat initiative: First planning workshop for scope and interactions
Advancing Integration of Soil and Subsurface Processes in Climate Models
Leipzig June 28-30, 2016
Workshop programme (a skeleton without parallel sessions)
28 June 2016 (Tuesday)
13:00 Welcome and presentation of workshop motivation, objectives, expectations, programme (Gerrit de Rooij, Dani Or, Sonia Seneviratne and Peter van Oevelen)
Session 1: Integrating soil and subsurface models in climate model (Eleanor Blyth- chair)
14.00 – 14.20 Presentation 1
14.20 – 14.40 Presentation 2
14.40 – 15.00 Presentation 3
15.00 – 15.30 Discussion
15.30 – 16.00 Coffee break
Session 2: Human interactions affecting surface processes (Naota Hanasaki- chair)
16.00 – 16.20 Presentation 1
16.20 – 16.40 Presentation 2
16.40 – 17.00 Presentation 3
17.00 – 17.30 Discussion
17.30 – 19.00 Plenary session 1 - discussion of research gaps and working groups themes (Dani and Peter- chairs)
19:30 – Conference Dinner
29 June 2016 (Wednesday)
08.30–09.00 Welcome to day 2, expectations and working groups
09.00-10.30 Breakup to working groups - formulation of topics and priorities
10.30–11.00 Coffee Break
11.00–12.00 Plenary session 2 – setting priorities and topics for GEWEX-SoilWat (Sonia and Gerrit – chairs)
12.00–13.00 Lunch (KUBUS) – poster viewing
Session 3: Model complexity and utility (Matthias Cuntz - chair)
13.00 – 13.20 Presentation 1
13.20 – 13.40 Presentation 2
13.40 – 14.00 Presentation 3
14.00 – 15.15 Discussion
15.15 – 15.30 Coffee Break
Session 4: Groundwater-surface-atmosphere interactions (Stefan Kollet - chair)
15.30 – 15.50 Presentation 1
15.50 – 16.10 Presentation 2
16.10 – 16.30 Presentation 3
16.30-18.30 Breakup to working groups – how do we collaborate?
18.30–19.30 Plenary session 3 – structures and interfaces for GEWEX-SoilWat (Sonia and Gerrit – chairs)
19.30 Dinner
30 June 2016 (Thursday)
08.30 – 9.30 Working group – Soil observations and interfacing with model (presentation)
09.30 – 10.00 Working group – Structures and mechanisms for informing climate/soil communities (presentation)
10.00–10.30 Coffee Break
10.30 – 12.00 Core group – how to translate ideas to action, populating WG and activities (names) - all
12.00–12.30 Lunch, workshop summary and outlook - adjourn

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