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Austin International Conference on Soil Modeling

March 29 – April 1, 2016, Austin, Texas


Goals of this Workshop:

To solidify the concept and operation of an international soil modelling consortium (ISMC), by bringing together leading experts in modelling soil processes across disciplines, organizations and institutions; addressing major scientific gaps in describing key soil processes and their long term ecosystem impacts; and identifying interactions with other relevant modeling platforms and scientific communities.  


 Scientific committee  Organizing committee
  • Steve Allison
  • Nicolas Brüggemann
  • Peter de Ruiter
  • Paul Hallett
  • Jan Hopmans
  • Alexander McBratney
  • Dani Or
  • Yakov Pachepsky
  • Kurt Roth
  • Nunzio Romano
  • Jirka Šimunek
  • Kristof van Oost
  • Hans-Jörg Vogel
  • Iain Young
  • Michael Young
  • Ralf Kunkel
  • Andrea Schnepf
  • Jan Vanderborght
  • Harry Vereecken










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