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Early Career ISMC Presentation Awards


The Early Career ISMC Presentation Award honours outstanding presentations throughout the ISMC conference.

4th ISMC Conference 2024 - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems Sciences, Earth System Sciences, and Beyond

Wenhao Shi from Tianjin University for his poster:

“Exploring the relationship between soil hydraulic parameters and soil basic properties within dual-modal porous media ”

Liantao Niu from the Chinese Academy of Sciences for her poster:

“Water and Nitrate Transport Through the Vadose Zone Under Orchard Expansion in A Cultivated Loess Critical Zone”

Jiong Zhu from Wuhan University, China for his poster

“Forward and Inverse Modelling of Soil Water Flow in Layered Soil: A Perspective from Frequency Domain”

Yanqiao Li from China Agricultural University for his poster

“Spatio-Temporal Risks of Phosphorus Losses in Sloping Farmland under Future Climate in the Black Soil Region

3rd ISMC Conference 2021 - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems

Katherine Williams for her presentation: "Modelling the effects of fertiliser solubility and soil buffer power on phosphorus uptake by spring wheat using an image-based approach".

Hong Zhao for her presentation: "Retrieving Soil Physical Properties via Assimilating SMAP Brightness Temperature Observations in the Community Land Model".
MariaLaura Bancheri for her presentation: "The extended transfer function model for the simulation of pesticides transport along the unsaturated zone".
Jose Padarian for his presentation: "Deep neural networks: a flexible framework for soil modelling".
Feng Tao for his presentation: "PROcess-guided deep learning and DAta-driven modelling (PRODA) uncovers key mechanisms underlying global soil carbon storage".
Songbai Wu for his presentation: "Modeling soil erosion with evolving rills on hillslopes".
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