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Executive Board

ISMC structure

ISMC’s decisional structure is governed by an Executive Board and an Advisory Board, and activities are structured under the three Science Panels.The scientific advancement and bulk of the activities rest with the science panels. Specific activities include focusing on dataacquisition (protocols, techniques), availability and model linkages (DO-Link); model intercomparison and improvement, with specific attention to integrated models and global Earth system models (Soil-MIP); and, cross-cutting information and exchange between disciplines, and outreach to other communities (like climate and crop production modelers), stakeholders, and the broader public (CROSS-Connect).

The Executive Board is composed of the Consortium’s chairs, the Science Panel chairs and 4 members at large.

Executive board members , by 1st February 2017:

Harry Vereecken - Forschungszentrum Jülich
Michael Young - The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Board members at large
Ana Tarquis - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Anne Verhoef - University Reading
Scott Painter - Climate Change Center Oak Ridge  
Umakant Mishra - Argonne National Laboratory


Science Panel SOIL-MIP
Jirka Simunek - University of California Riverside  
Jan Vanderborght -  Jülich Forschungszentrum


Science Panel DO-Link
Ute Wollschläger - UfZ Leipzig
Teamrat Ghezzehei -  UCMerced University


Science Panel Cross-Connect
Dani Or  - ETH Zürich  
Martine van der Ploeg - Wageningen UR

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