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Advisory Board


An Advisory board is nominated (for a three year mandate) to provide high-level guidance for improving ISMC’s reach and effectiveness, and its value to the broader scientific community.

Specific goals:

  • To assist in bridging and opening doors to different scientific communities and collaborations
  • To assist in identifying possible funding avenues, mostly for operational support
  • To evaluate ISMC operations and outcomes, improving effectiveness and value
  • To guide the development of research topics developed within the science panels


Members of the ISMC Advisory Board:


Nancy Cavallaro

National Program Leader
Soils & Global Change Programs



Sonia I. Seneviratne

ETH Zurich, Land-Climate Dynamics
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science



Luca Montanarella

Senior Expert
European Commission
DG Joint Research Centre
Land Resources Unit



Jennifer Harden

Soil Scientist Emeritus, US Geological Survey



Susan Hubbard

Earth & Environmental Sciences Area
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
UC Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy and Management



David Lesmes

Office of Biological and Environmental Research
U.S. Department of Energy



Diana Wall

Soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning lab
Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability



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